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the home of film in Ireland.

"The written word can be powerful and beautiful, but films transport us to another place in a way that even the most evocative words never can. If we lose our films, we lose that other place forever."

Saoirse Ronan

If the IFI has enriched your love of film, please help support our work. A donation, however large or small, makes all the difference.

Whilst we gratefully receive 25% public funding from the Arts Council, we self-generate 75% of the revenue needed to run all these activities. As a charity, we rely on individual donations, trust and foundations, and corporate partnerships to continue to develop our wide-ranging and far-reaching programmes of cinema exhibition, archive preservation, and education.

Our big ambitions are:

  • To digitise the entire Archive collection - 30,000 cans of film, 10,000 broadcast tapes - and make them available online
  • To create national films clubs for young people after school
  • To continue to make the best films available to audiences - over half the films we screen are exclusive to the IFI and would not otherwise be available to audiences in Ireland
If you love film, we invite you to make a donation here, and help us to achieve these ambitions. Thank you for your generous support.

€  (Whole euros only, please.)

Please contact Jessica Hilliard, Head of Development and Fundraising, to find out more, or 016129478

We value every donation, and we are committed to the highest levels of transparency in how we spend state and private contributions. The IFI has adopted the Statement of Guiding Principles on Fundraising, available here.

Donations of €250 or more may enable you to reclaim the tax back on your donation to the IFI; critically, the IFI will also benefit from the tax relief, adding a significant 31% to your donation. For example, with a donation of €250, the IFI will receive €327.50. The law governing tax on donations changed in January 2013. Donations of above €250 are grossed up at the specified rate (currently 31%) and the eligible charity is deemed for the purposes of the relief to have received the grossed up amount net of tax deducted at the specified rate. This applies for both PAYE and those who are Self Assessed. Please visit for further information or contact the Development Office for details: / 01 679 5744.

Please be advised that tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded.

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